Excursion to the butterflies in Großenohe (Franconia)

Today I took part at an excursion to the small and lovely village Großenohe in the heart of Franconian Switzerland. The field trip was arranged by the Erlanger location group of the LBV, a bavarian nature conservation NGO.

After an interesting general introduction about butterflies and the species we could expect to see, we walked to the first observation area.

Here, we stood in front of a hillside covered with calcareous grassland. A big variety of butterflies and other insects flew from flower to flower. With the help of our tour guide and a butterfly field guide, we could identify most of them. Amongst others, we saw the following butterflies:

Later on, we walked back into Großenohe and then hiked up a small trail to the second observation area, where even more butterflies showed up. We also had a nice view on the valley surrounding Großenohe.

Conclusion ¶

The Franconian Switzerland is a nice place to watch and photograph butterflies. In particular, Großenohe has a lot to offer in this regard.