Darktable: Larger GUI

I’m using Darktable on a WQHD display (2560 × 1440 pixel). For my taste the GUI elements are a bit to small on such highresolution monitors. It’s getting even wore if you use a 4K screen.

Fortunately a simple commandline parameter will fix the problem:

--conf screen_dpi_overwrite=120

This will scale the sice of all GUI elements with a factor of 1.2 (at least on my Windows system). Instead of 120, you can use even higher values which will result in a higher scale.

To use this parameter on Windows follow these steps:

  1. Create a shortcut for Darktable

  2. Right-click on the shortcut and click on “Properties”

  3. Got to the tab “Shortcut”

  4. Click inside the “Target” box and move the cursor to the end of the line (after the “) and add a space character

  5. Now you can append the paramter from above

  6. Click “Apply”

Starting Darktable using this shortcut will open it with a scaled GUI.